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Autumn 2005

Here's hoping that you all had an enjoyable summer break and are raring to go for fun-packed Saturday afternoons at Kingston Explorers Club. As usual we have tried to include a range of activities in the hope that everyone will find something there to enjoy. In spite of increased attendance the club is running at a loss, so it was agreed at the last AGM that subs be increased to £3 per child (under 3s free). I'm sure you will agree that our club is still good value for money - some of the other Explorers clubs charge much higher rates.

We must thank Sean and Viv who have just stepped down as Chair and Treasurer and welcome Andrew and Jane who have taken over these roles. If you know you can't make it to all the events, but are able to commit to one or two then we could really use your help in the tea break. We need a willing person to set up the kettle, mugs, and cups, make the drinks and clear away afterwards. Not a difficult job, but a very important one nonetheless! If you think you could help please contact or call Rebecca. As ever we are in need of more volunteers on the committee. If you receive this newsletter and you come along to the club then you know how it feels to have a bright child who needs stimulating and how important it is for them to be able to meet like minds. Please think about how you could share your experience with others and ensure that the club exists for future generations.

Head office is having a bit of a shake-up and as a result there are now new guidelines in place concerning child protection issues. It has and will continue to be our club's policy that parents remain with their children at all times and have full responsibility for them. In the rare event that children and parents are doing separate activities it is our policy that the adult responsible for the children has full CRB clearance. However, we are now required to have all this in writing for you to sign an agreement so please bear with us as we get through all the paperwork this term.

If you enjoyed finding out about the Cassini Spacecraft Mission last term you might be interested to know that 4th-10th October is World Space Week. For more information visit And if Milton Keynes is too far for you to travel to the National Family Day, then look out for special events happening in your local area as 8th-16th October is Family Learning Week. For further details visit

Hope to see you at lots of events this term.

On behalf of the committee,

Rebecca Croft