Surrey Explorers


Who are we?

The Surrey Explorers are a local branch of Potential Plus UK (previously the National Association for Gifted Children, Registered Charity 313182). Don't be put off by the word "gifted"! We encourage any children who wish to come along for exciting and stimulating events.

One of the benefits of being a Potential Plus UK member is access to our Explorers clubs. If you are new, come and see if you like the session but then you must join as a full Potential Plus UK member if you would like to continue coming.

We run activities for children and parents. Most of our children's events are designed to suit children from 4-11 (primary school age), though children of all ages are welcome.

Why join us?

You may feel that your children need extra stimulation outside what is provided in the school environment. The Surrey Explorers is a local self-help group to provide children with the opportunity to experience a wide and varied set of activities. Who knows... these activities may trigger a lifelong interest.

We provide an opportunity for parents to be able to chat with each other about the problems of having an intellectually challenging child and of getting schools to recognise their abilities. We can also provide a route to professional help regarding children's psychological development.

When and where do we meet?

Do I need to join?

No. Surrey Explorers has no branch membership. You simply pay cash at the door, £10 per child per session, and (with a few exceptions) there is no need to pre-book.

However we do have differential pricing: members of Potential Plus UK generally pay only £8 per child per session. Membership of Potential Plus UK costs £42.00 per family, reducing after the first year. You can download a membership pack from

Email our branch contact ( ) if you have any queries.

No formal assessment of your child is required or expected - you know if your child is bright and would benefit from our meetings. You also know if you would appreciate being able to talk with parents of other bright children.

Who do I contact?

To join the Surrey Explorers, contact us by EMail at

Our chairperson is Jenny Norris.