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Autumn 2010

Welcome to the Autumn Term

We hope you had a good summer. Our Autumn Term events kick off on 17th October, so please see the diary for more information.

The following was written by one of our members, Paul Norris:

Dear All,

It has come to my attention that the pitfall of many educational programs, be it a school or an extra-curricular organisation such as the Surrey Explorers, is that they lack purpose. It is all very well working towards a goal far away in the future, such as university or senior school, or perhaps even to expand one's knowledge of this world. Yet maybe this is not the point. If we could work towards more achievable goals that we can see accomplished before we have forgotten that we've set out to do them, then education would no longer be such a laborious climb. Perhaps the spoils at the apex would be all the sweeter if we could see work published and achievements laid down that are not just about exam results and assessments. If we could work together at Surrey Explorers to create a publication that many could enjoy then not only would it expand our minds, but also our opportunities in life. Albert Einstein was merely fifteen when he first wrote The Investigation of the State of Ether in Magnetic Fields, so why should we not endeavour to succeed in such areas as maths, science and history to the extent that we have our works published, our stresses rewarded? We may even be able to beat Einstein at his own game. If you are interested and prepared to find out what you can really achieve, outside of the world of exams and school and lessons. Outside of the classroom, and into the books of history. Why spend time learning when you cannot put this knowledge to good use until you have past your school years? Why not use it now?

Ergo, I would request that you send in any works that you wish to have published in any relevant subject, be it history, geography or politics. Anything that you are passionate enough to write about. It can take any form so long as it can be put into the format of an educational magazine. We are looking for pieces at least half a page long, any more than 6 pages and we may have to summarise it rather than print the whole thing. Also useful would be any advertisements for the magazine or short stories. Nothing you send in is guaranteed to be published. Please note that as soon as you send in an entry it may well be published and your name will appear in the publication but the work will no longer be your property, thus removing any legal rights to said works. Entries should be in electronic form to but if this is not possible then compromise as you see fit.

Thank you very much. I hope that you are interested.

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Jenny Norris, Chair