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Spring 2005

Apologies if you were expecting an outing to Hampton Court Palace to kick off the Spring Term. For reasons beyond my control, head office didn't get the address labels out on time. In view of this term being such a short one we have added a trip to the palace in the Easter holidays - something to look forward to if you're not going away! Please note the earlier meeting time of 12 o'clock.

We now have CDs of Jo Counsell's fascinating talk available. (Perfectionism and Highly Able Children). Whether you were unable to come to the talk, you'd like a permanent record, or you are looking for the ideal gift(!), the CDs will be on sale at our meetings for just 2.50. If you can't make it to any meetings this term, but would like a copy then EMail your details to

With the New Year, we are launching a new version of the web site. Andrew has spent a lot of time over the Christmas holidays revamping and redesigning all the pages, so please do make use of the web site! We now have our own domain name and separate EMail addresses so responses to enquiries should be quicker! A list of contact EMail addresses is on the web pages. Don't forget, this is your site, so if there is anything you would like to see added to it, let us know. We always welcome contributions to the site from the kids, so if you have any stories, poems, book reviews or anything else you would like to contribute, please send them to

If you haven't made any New Year's resolutions yet, how about getting along to more Explorers meetings! We believe that the social aspect of the club is as important as the activities themselves and the children (and parents) get a lot out of chatting and playing with the contents of the well stocked toy cupboard before the sessions start.

Hope to see you at lots of events this term.

On behalf of the committee,

Rebecca Croft