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Spring 2008

Welcome to the Spring Term.

I had become convinced that because my two children, aged 6 and 9, protest so loudly every time they are forced out to Kingston at the week-end to attend a meeting in a classroom it is pretty good proof that they are not gifted, (though they do enjoy it when they get there). The whole point of Surrey Explorers is to provide more school to those children who do not get enough of it during the week and are eager to learn more, to widen their horizons beyond school work and possibly to inspire them for their future choice of career. I am relieved to learn that one aspect of giftedness is sheer bloody-mindedness and a bossy streak that does not like being told what to do.

Attendance has been reasonable over last term at around 20-25 children at each event. I would love to find a way of attracting more children from disadvantaged backgrounds who would benefit the most. If you are able to put up the programme of events in your local library, school or youth club, I would be most grateful.

You may have noticed a deterioration in service such as no hot drinks for parents at the tea break and no crèche for the under 5s. We need more volunteers. If you would like to join the committee or help out in any way, please contact me.

One or two latecomers who are new to the club have been unable to find their way in through the Kingston University maze and gone home again. Please follow signs to the "Education Faculty" which has its own car park. If you should get lost please call my mobile.

This term, for all events after the first one, the day and time has been moved to 11am on Sunday morning. The reason is that the speakers were not available on Saturdays, but I would be interested in your feedback as to whether the new time is better or worse.

If you have anything you would like to see on the web site or any material we could use, please send it to the web-master:

Jenny Norris, Chair