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Summer 2004

It has been great to see so many new faces this year. Please let us know what you have liked and disliked and what you would like to see in the future. Some of you kindly filled in a questionnaire some time ago and we are still trying to address a number of the issues raised. One of them was a lack of sessions with a historical theme so we have a couple lined up this term.

In May, we have the AGM. The current committee are mostly old hands, some of whom are likely to be stepping down, so please think about whether you might be able to help. Without you, the club does not exist. The only qualification you need is being a parent of a bright child and jobs include washing up, taking phone calls and running events!

If you only make it to one event this term please make it the historical drama workshop. It is our most expensive event to date so we'd really like your support! It promises to be a good one (I have seen one of their performances) and the kids always love a bit of drama.

For the scientists among you, Andrew Martin has turned his talk on Proteins and DNA into a series of webpages, so if you haven't found them already check out the website. The results from Neil Jackson's session, Exercise is Good For You are also on the website.

We have an item of lost property - a blue fleece age 6-8. If you think it might be yours, or you have lost anything else, please contact Sean.

The newsletter is now available as a PDF file downloadable from the website. If you would prefer to receive the newsletter by EMail instead of by post (cutting down on printing and postage costs), please send an EMail to with the subject 'newsletter emails'. We are also considering providing automatic EMail reminders of meetings; if this would be useful to you, please send an EMail with the subject 'email reminders'. If there is enough interest, Andrew will set something up so you can register your EMail address on the web site.

Hope to see you at lots of events this term!

On behalf of the committee,

Rebecca Croft

A branch of the National Association for Gifted Children
Meets Saturdays 2.15-4.30 pm
Education Faculty Kingston University (Kingston Hill Campus)
Registered Charity 313182