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Summer 2005

It has been great to see attendance at our meetings on the increase and we hope you find this term's range of activities inspiring. However, branch membership is on the decline and we have introduced a system for tracking new attendees. Lower membership means less funding from head office and the club is running at a loss. This term sees the AGM on 11th June. If you have any views on how you feel the club should be facing the future and meeting the needs of your children, then please put the date in your diary now!

Please note the change of venue for the Circus Skills workshop (usual time). Ashtead can be easily reached from Jct. 9 on the M25, the A24, or trains run frequently from both Victoria and Waterloo. As the weather is sure to improve, we have also included an evening walk on Wimbledon Common to follow up the afternoon's session on 11th June.

In case you missed the storytelling workshop last term, the younger group of children made up a story called 'The Adventures of the Lost Cat'. I think you'll enjoy it:

There was a boy who lived in a house with his mother and father. The boy was called James, he was the best footballer in the world! His best friends were a cat called Milly who was a rather quiet cat and a cat called Molly who was very sweet. One day he woke up and found that Milly was missing. That day was a very special day as he was meant to be playing in a highly important football match. He only had three and a half hours to find her! He ran outside to look in the bushes and instead of finding Milly, he found a massive metal crocodile called Jo. Jo said, "I want to eat you up!" James replied, "No! No! HELP!" and he ran away. As James was running away from the crocodile, he met a magical hopping rabbit called Hippy Hop who had special hearing powers. He said to her, "I've got to find my cat!" Hippy Hop spitefully hopped, "I know where he is, but I am not going to tell you? All I can say is that he was kidnapped!" Suddenly a big Pegasus flew to James. He cried out, "I know where your cat is. He is in the crocodile's house! I will rescue him for you, don't worry! You must play goalie in your very important football match!" The Pegasus flew off to catch the cat. He fought the crocodile and rescued Milly. He then flew to the football grounds and dropped the cat into James' outstretched arms whilst he was playing and flew away. James managed to catch Milly, but let the ball through the goal posts! Oh no!! At least Milly the cat had been saved from the horrid crocodile. James' team still managed to win the match, with James saving two further goals!

Unfortunately we don't have a copy of the older group's story, but if you can remember it or feel inspired to write your own story, we would love to include it in the next newsletter.

Hope to see you at lots of events this term.

On behalf of the committee,

Rebecca Croft