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Summer 2006

I hope you all had a good Easter break. We're still enjoying the chocolate!

I know the summer term can get busy with school fairs and sporting events, but please remember to come along to Kingston Explorers. I think there are some exciting events this term and I'm really looking forward to them all. So put the dates in your diary now.

I have been sending out these newsletters since 2002 and this is the last one I shall be doing. I need to remind you all that we will have our AGM this term and a new committee needs to be formed to ensure that Kingston Explorers will continue in the autumn term. Our branch has been particularly successful at running a wide range of events that appeal to a range of ages while keeping the costs to members down to a minimum. We have members who travel from quite substantial distances because they prefer Kingston Explorers to their local branch. It would be a great shame if it doesn't continue. If you might be prepared to get involved, but feel that you are a 'newbie' and you would be stepping on someone else's feet, then think again - Kingston Explorers needs you! The fact is virtually all the 'old guard' will be leaving as their children have outgrown Explorers.

Thank you to those of you who have expressed an interest in helping and joining the committee, but we really need firm commitments now. It really isn't too onerous and as the saying goes, "Many hands make light work". Andrew is happy to continue to look after the web site and the current committee are very happy to help the new committee as they take over. We already have some suggestions for the autumn term's events, so don't be put off volunteering to organise future events. Ever felt you would benefit from learning some basic accounting skills? Well now's your chance by becoming treasurer! Head Office run training courses for those who feel they would benefit from them and are happy to help in other ways too.

Hope to see you at lots of events this term.

On behalf of the committee,

Rebecca Croft