Surrey Explorers


Who are we?

We are a branch of Potential Plus UK (previously the National Association for Gifted Children - NAGC) and run activities for children and parents.

Surrey Explorers is based in Epsom and is the only branch in the London area. We provide activities for children who would like to learn more than school can provide, but we are open to all! The aim is to have a group discussion for a couple of hours, usually led by a guest speaker, to stretch and inspire children up to the age of about 13 who would like more than school can provide. Rather than moving too far ahead in school subjects, the intention is to spark new interests, meet people who have achieved some eminence or expertise and stimulate young minds.

We encourage you to join Potential Plus UK, but you do not have to book or commit. Design workshops (and some other larger events) do need to be booked, and prices vary. For speaker meetings, just turn up and pay £10 per child on the door.

We cover all sorts of extra-curricular topics and activities. There is always a lot of interest in science for kids as well as in maths, but we have covered everything from building cities out of cardboard, through drama and music, to art, photography and literature.

Visit the scrapbook and list of previous events to see what we do!

Tell me more...

We meet about five times each term.

Meetings are usually held on Sunday mornings from 10.30am - 12.30pm.

From November 2016, we normally meet at Kingswood House School, 56 West Hill, Epsom, Surrey KT19 8LG.

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We now have a gallery of contributions from the children.


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